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One of the most important parts of launching your products is your content. Your videos help your brand reach its potential audience and build credibility. Businesses of all shapes and sizes tend to use videos as their main form of creative collateral to vividly portray brand imagery.

Your hero videos are generally short, sharp, and introductory. Aim for one minute or less to explain your value proposition, including key information and crystal-clear statements that summarize the core value of your brand and explain the benefits of investing in your product and services.

Videos perform better than static images when you have limited time to engage your audience and create retention. Having a hero video here communicates your brand message, product information, and selling point. It is also a good way to showcase your craftsmanship details or, for example, fabrics you use to design your product if you consider running a clothing shop or store.

In this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know to jump head first into creating video content in your Shoplazza theme editor. We have prepared below some sample demonstrations showing how effectively setting up videos enhances your store visuals thereby attracting more customers.

Video hero section

Below is a sample landing page content, and the fullscreen video effect is achieved by using the Video hero section.

Here are some other unique features of Video hero:

  • Auto-playing background videos
  • Additional text box
  • Optional buttons redirecting to other page content.

Video section

The video section displays your linked content thumbnail in a centered position. This section setup prioritizes simplicity and is more suitable for conversion videos that are about selling your product and services directly.

Below is an example video section we've created to show you how you can link your hero video to create a diversified store content design.

Videos are extremely important in websites. They offer numerous benefits, including enhancing user experience, driving traffic to a website, improving a brand's SEO, and building trust and credibility. With the ever-increasing competition in digital space, brands need to leverage the power of video to engage their audience and stand out from the crowd.

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