How do I add a Form in my Contact Us page?

As a merchant, it's important to have a dedicated "Contact Us" page on your website. This page is where customers can easily reach out to you and start a conversation.

To make it even better, adding a form on your "Contact Us" page is a great choice. This form helps you gather more information from your customers. It allows them to provide specific details and inquiries, which helps you understand their needs and provide personalized support. By using a well-designed form, you make it easier for customers to give you the information you need to assist them effectively.

Setting up a form tool


Before diving into the setup process, ensure that you have Form Tools installed. For a step-by-step guide on installing Form Tools, refer to the Setting up Form tools documentation.

1. Once you have the Form Tools app installed, head over to your Shoplazza admin > Apps and select Form Tools. Once inside the app, click on Create Form.

2. In the Form Config tab, click Custom. Copy the Embed HTML code. Don’t forget to save your updates by clicking Save.

3. Return to your Shoplazza admin and navigate to Online Store > Custom Pages. Click Add Page to create a new page.

  • In the new Page settings, select Source code. Paste the Embed HTML copied from Form Config.

4. Click OK to save the code, followed by Save to store all updates.

5. Take a moment to preview your new page by clicking on View.

  • Example page below:

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