Adding a product carousel section to your store theme

Product carousel, also known as slideshow or rotating banners, enables you to showcase and promote your product in a minimalistic, interactive slider that is easy to use. An effective product carousel section makes it easier for your customers to browse your collections and potentially convert more sales.

This section is useful when:

  • You want to optimize the design of your store and improve usability by allowing more customer interactions.
  • You want to highlight specific products in a more effective way.

In the steps below, we will demonstrate how you can create a Product carousel section in a theme.

Creating a Product carousel section

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Online store > Themes, click Customize next to the target theme.

2. Click Add section to see more available sections for this theme.

3. Under Theme sections, select the Product carousel section and customize your configurations.

4. You can click and drag the drop icon to reorganize the sections.

Editing the Product carousel section


In the added Products carousel section, edit your heading text to be displayed.


Here you can import a created section in your Shoplazza storefront.


The description box allows you to further describe and provide more details about a collection you would like to promote.

Other features

  • Show view more button: Toggle on to display the View more button and redirect traffic to your product landing page.

  • Desktop products per row: Move the slider to adjust the amount of products viewable on one slide.

  • Show products: Determines how many products are shown in your collection from the carousel.

  • Auto-change products: Rotates the slides into view. You are also able to set a time frame with the slider below.

Section padding

The padding editor is used to generate extra space around the section you create. Activate the "linkage icon" and type a value (measured in pixels) in any of the 4 columns to add buffers around the section or you may manually adjust each input by disabling the "linkage icon" in the centered area.

  • The screenshot below is an example use of 50px spacing on each side.

  • Here, you can select to preview on desktop or mobile.

The product carousel section gives you the opportunity to showcase your products with an interactive interface. It helps newer customers navigate through your collections and potentially convert more sales.

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