How to integrate Stamped Loyalty into your store?

How to Set up Stamped Loyalty with my Shoplazza Store?

  1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to > Apps > Click Visit App Store on the top right > Type Stamped Loyalty in the search bar and press enter/click the magnifier icon to search > Click Add to download.
  2. Proceed to the agreement page and click Install App.
  3. Create your API Keys on stamped   to copy and paste the data into the settings of your Stamped Loyalty integration.
  4. Click Save after you finish settings.mceclip0.png

How to manage gift cards/reward points?

Your customers can redeem gift cards created to earn reward points on their registered accounts in your store.

  1. Click View gift cards to see a list of your gift cards/reward points in detail.mceclip1.png
  2. On your list of gift cards, click Creategiftcard to generate your own gift card.mceclip2.png
  3. Click Save to save your configurations.mceclip3.png
  4. Click each individual gift card created to view more detailed information and manage your settings.mceclip4.png
  5. Gift card details are presented at the bottom section.The availability of your gift cards is always subject to change, certain gift cards may only be redeemable at festivals/events of the store. You can make changes to the status of your gift card by clicking Active/Disabled on this interface.mceclip5.png
  6. With Stamped Loyalty, your gift card & reward points information will be shown in the below format when a customer visits your store.mceclip6.png

How to set up gift cards/reward points by collection?

You need to find the collection ID in your Shoplazza admin and manually apply them on Stamped to apply rewards only on specific collections instead of all products in your store.

  1. Your collection ID needs to be filled in accordingly in Applies to under LOYALTY & REWARDS > Referralsmceclip7.png
  2. How to find your Collection ID: Go to your product collection page in Shoplazza to find the collection you need, and memorize its title.mceclip8.png
  3. Jump back to Stamped Loyalty app on Shoplazza and click View the table to find your collection ID corresponding to the collection title in Shoplazza.mceclip9.png
  4. Copy your ID with the duplicate icon and paste this information to the Add collection ID section on Stamped.mceclip10.png

How does order settings work?

In Stamped > Settings > Points> Ordersettings, you can decide when to award points and cancel rewards. In other words, Award points only when the order is updated as the set status, or cancel rewards based on set status.

These are the status of order we support to synchronize from Shoplazza to Stamped. Please choose one of them for each setting.

1. Reward points when orders are updated as:

  • Placed (Customer paid for the order.)
  • Finished

2. Cancel points when orders are updated as:

  • Cancelled
  • Returned
  • Partially Refunded
  • Refunded
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