Dear Google Merchant Center Team,

This is [Name] with [Company Name]. Our account was recently suspended for[Reason]. I’m writing this letter to provide updates on the actions we’ve taken to address the concerns you flagged. Below is a snapshot of our company, our business, and the changes we’ve made to comply with Google policy.

  • Our Company

1. Website & Account


b.Merchant Center ID:

c.Our Ads ID:

2. Company Background

a.About Us:

b.Business License Confidential + Proprietary

  • Our Business

1. Amazon Store

a.Store Link:

b.Consistent business operations in GMC and Amazon Seller Central

c.Product Listing:

2. Facebook Page

a.Facebook Rating Link:

b.Facebook Rating Screenshot:

3. Alibaba/Tmall/Taobao Store/ Store

a.Store Link:

b.Product Listing:

c.Store Profile:

4. Offline Store

a.Store Photo:

b.Product Photo:

c.Other Online Store

  • Infrastructure

1. Warehouse

We cooperate with [Warehouse Company] and have overseas warehouses in[Countries/Regions].

2. Factory

We have our own factory at [Factory Address], fully staffed with advanced equipment and professional technicians.

  • News & Recognitions

1. Financing news:

2. Business news:

3. Awards:

4. Position & Contribution:

5. Others: Confidential + Proprietary

  • Changes We Made

1. ****

2. ***

We value the partnership with Google and we would like to continue providing value to end customers via Google. In the meantime, we’ll continue to do our best to follow Google’s policies. It would be appreciated if you could help review and reinstate our account. Please don’t hesitate to reach back to us should there be anything we can do to expedite the process.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,


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