How to view the new store guide in admin?


  1. After registering the merchant information, you will be taken to the setup guide page by default.
  2. The menu on the left lists five essential steps we recommend you complete in a pre-set order. However, it is not mandatory. You can click on the menu tab to skip to the next step.
  3. You will see relevant instructions and links on the right. 
  4. On each step, you can click the button to enter the setting page or choose to skip it. Click the link below for more instructions if necessary.
  5. After finishing each step, the section will be marked as completed on the left menu.
  6. This setup guide will be hidden if you click on other sections in the admin.
  7. Click on the Get started button whenever you want to revisit this page.


When setting up the payments, the system will decide whether the store has subscribed to one of our plans. If not, you will be redirected to the subscription page.

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