Web push notifications

Website push notifications are clickable messages originating from your store and sent to prospective customers. These notifications are comparable to those sent by mobile apps, located in the notification tray, but they function on webpages rather than apps and are accessible via any device (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc). Intended to draw attention, they can be used to convey notices, updates, specials, and more.

Web push notifications is an effective tool for businesses seeking to increase engagement, boost sales, and improve customer retention. With web push notifications, you can communicate with your customers quickly and easily, making them an invaluable part of a strong digital marketing strategy, allowing you to deliver content and notifications directly to users without needing their email addresses or contact information. This makes it an efficient, cost-effective way to advertise products and services.

Configuring your web push notifications

1. Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Customers > Notifications and click on the Web Push tab.

2. Once inside the Web Push tab, click on Settings.

3. You have the option of setting up your opt-in timing along with an overlay display for your web push authorization. Setting your opt-in timing will let the system know when to send that push notification to your customer. For example, the 10 Second option will send a push notification to the user after 10 seconds.  It can be set anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. Also, using an overlay can make the customer focus more on the authorization pop-up window to lessen the chances of Google restricting notification access. Once finished, click on the Save button to apply the changes.

An authorization request pop-up window will be displayed to customers no more than once every 24 hours to avoid being blocked by Google Chrome.

Sending Web Push Notifications to your customers

1. Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Customers > Notifications and under the Web Push tab, click Create Campaign.


Select a template and click the Customize button to enter the edit page. There are currently seven recommended templates available. If you activate the template, a notification will be sent according to the sending time you set. 

  • Abandoned checkout: When an order has not been completed, this will send customers a notification to remind them to complete the purchase with an exclusive offer.
  • Abandoned cart:  This will remind them of the items forgotten in their cart and motivate them to finish their purchase by sending customers a notification and supplying exclusive offers.
  • Abandoned product: Encourage customers to revisit your store after viewing product pages without making a purchase. The customer is sent a notification providing them with access to the product page with the highest sales from their viewed products and with a special offer.
  • Order confirmation: Once an order is completed, this will suggest customers to bookmark your store or create a link from their device's home screen.
  • Shipping confirmation: After an order has been shipped, this will recommend that your customers bookmark your store or adding your store to their home screen.
  • Thanks for reviewing: After customers submit a 5-star review, this will send a notification to them with a coupon code to encourage them to place another order.
  • Win back: Send notifications to customers who haven't made a purchase within a given duration that includes a discount code to incentivize their return.

Configuring your template

Each template has its own preset content, which you can edit as needed. Fill out information such as the campaign name and content for the notification push.

  • The primary link is the link that will open when the user clicks the notification. All templates provide a default primary link, which does not support editing at the moment. To add personalized links, you can click Add button.
  • Logos are small images that users see in notifications. All templates provide the default logo, which cannot be edited for the time being.
  • Displaying Hero images is only supported on Android phones and Windows desktops.
  • Click Add button to add a new button, and you can fill in the button text and link of a certain page of the store.
  • Clicking Send test will send you a test message. The test message will not generate exclusive offer. You need to enable Google Chrome's notification permission on your system.

2. Set the Send after time. Sending times vary by template.

Please note that if you activate the order notification template and the shipping notification template, customers who place an order will only receive one notification, so as to avoid multiple notifications on their browser.

Offer settings

Configure your offer settings. When you use the Abandoned Checkout, Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Product, Thanks for reviewing, and Win back templates, you can set up an exclusive offer by default.  You can also change the colours and style of the reminder message here.

Once the customer clicks the notification, a discount code will be automatically generated, and a countdown banner will be displayed at the top of the page, starting from the time the customer enters the page. If the countdown ends, the discount code will automatically expire.

If the customer clicks a notification with a discount code to enter the checkout page, the discount code will be automatically filled into the discount code input box.

Overlay settings

1. Preview the overlaying effect. When you use the order confirmation template and shipping confirmation template, you can preview the overlaying style displayed after the storefront customer clicks the notification, and you can edit some of the text.

2. Click Activate and the notification will be sent according to your settings. If you haven’t decided to start sending notifications right away, click Save as draft.

Managing your campaigns

If you want to pause sending notifications after activating notifications, you can click the Pause button in the Web push campaign list. You can also copy a campaign by clicking the Copy button, and the event will be automatically saved as a draft.  After activating the notification campaign, the relevant data can be viewed in the list. To delete a campaign, you must first Pause the campaign.  A trash can icon will then appear under the Action column.

As web push notifications are sent directly to your customers' device, they are easy to see and simple to respond to. This makes them an effective way for you to keep your audience engaged, even when they are not on your site. It gives you a valuable one-on-one connection with your users, allowing you to tailor your messages to their interests and needs and developing long-term customer relationships.

Currently, Windows, Mac OS, and Android phones all offer compatibility with browser notifications. However, iOS devices lack this capability. Notifications may appear differently between operating systems and browsers. Notifications can only be sent to customers who have Google Chrome installed.

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