Common payment errors and solutions

Channels Error Reasons Solutions
Airwallex (credit card) The card brand visa is not supported Users attempted to use non-visa/mastercard cards. It is recommended that the user try to switch to visa/mastercard. If the error still occurs, we recommend consulting Airwallex about this issue.
Airwallex (credit card) Invalid card number The card number entered by the customer was invalid. Confirm the card number with the customer.
Airwallex (credit card) The user failed authentication Authorization or 3ds authentication failed. Consult with Airwallex, or ask the customer to retry the payment and complete the verification on the 3ds page (if any).
Paypal The instrument presented was either declined by the
processor or bank, or it can't be used for this payment.
There were problems with the payer's card. Please consult the payer's card company.
Paypal Error massage: We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary
difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred
while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by
checking your Account Overview before resending a payment.
1. For some browsers, this problem can be resolved by clearing or deleting cookies.
2. This error may also indicate that the cookie directory in the system has reached its full capacity. You can retry the registration process by clearing your browser history and, more importantly, the cookie directory using the
Tools > Internet Options menu.
Paypal The Buyer cannot pay with PayPal for this Transaction. L_ERRORCODE0:13113 There were problems with the payer's account. Ask customers to contact PayPal Customer Service.
Paypal This transaction couldn’t be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.L_ERRORCODE0:10486 The associated card issues generally fall into the following three categories.
1) The billing address retained at the financial institution cannot be confirmed.
2) The transaction exceeds the card limit.
3) The card issuer rejects the transaction.
Please confirm with the card issuer. You can refer to the link:
Paypal 1. There was an error in the Shipping Address Country field L_ERRORCODE0:10725
2. A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed. L_ERRORCODE0:10736
The transaction was refused because the consumer entered the address improperly. 1. It is suggested that merchants inform customers to double-check their addresses.
2. Consult PayPal for details.
Paypal The requested action could not be performed, semantically incorrect, or failed business validation.
ORDER_NOT_APPROVED: Payer has not yet approved the Order for payment. Please redirect the payer to the 'rel':'approve' URL returned as part of the HATEOAS links within the. Create Order call or provide a valid payment_source in the request.
1. Connection was timed out.
2. The payment time was too long.
3. Order was canceled.
1. It is suggested that merchants contact PayPal to check the details of this order to identify the status of the order.
2. Ask customers to check whether they have completed the payment for the order in their personal accounts, or contact PayPal official customer service.
Paypal Too many requests. Blocked due to rate limiting The consumer made too many requests, and the request rate exceeded the PayPal limit. Consult PayPal or ask consumers to reduce requests for PayPal payments.
Paypal 現時点では、PayPal
- Please consult PayPal.
Paypal The request was refused PayPal cannot proceed with this payment since the amount of the order is 0. The order amount should be more than 0 yuan.
Paypal Payer has not yet approved the Order for payment. Please redirect the payer to the 'rel':'approve' url returned as part of the HATEOAS links within the Create Order call or provide a valid payment_source in the request.

This is caused by the buyer’s failure to confirm the payment

Paypal Payment is declined The account was restricted. Please consult PayPal about this issue.
Oceanpayment (direct) 80010:Transaction Do Not Honou The customer's card bank declined the transaction. Please consult the consumer's card bank about this transaction.
Oceanpayment (direct) 20061:duplicate order An order of the buyer was already fulfilled or pending, but the buyer sent another payment request (provided that it is under the same terminal number). Please consult Oceanpayment to confirm the charges of the order.
Oceanpayment (direct) 80093:3D Authorized Service not completed The buyer either entered the wrong verification code on the 3D page or directly closes the 3D page. Buyers are advised to re-initiate the payment and complete the verification on the 3D page (if any).
Oceanpayment (direct) Payment is declined The transaction cannot go through due to risk control concerns. Please consult with Oceanpayment about this issue.
dLocal (local payment) Invalid credentials The merchant does not set up the server whitelist address in dLocal (Shoplazza's associated Server in the United States: Please consult with dLocal to add a whitelist.
dLocal (local payment) Rejected_other_reason 1. Please contact the dLocal to refresh the dLocal account payment setup.
2. The CPF questions filled in by consumers cannot pass the dLocal test.
Please consult with dLocal.
dLocal (local payment) Falha na transação. Entre em contato com o banco emissor Transaction was rejected. Please consult dLocal.
dLocal (local payment) Invalid parameter: payer.document The CPF format filled by the customer was incorrect. You can contact the consumer to fill in the correct CPF format or consult dLocal to view the specific CPF format.
dLocal (local payment) Invalid parameter:payer.document Merchant fails to set up CPF. Set up CPF as required in admin transaction settings.
dLocal (credit card) Rejected due to high risk It was rejected by dLocal's risk control. Please consult with dLocal.
PingPongpay (credit card) Null-accil:[{}] One possible explanation is that the merchant's information in the admin was filled out improperly. Check whether the merchant ID and account ID bound in the admin are correct.
PingPongpay (credit card) Transaction failed Pingpong 3ds verification failed. Problem has been fixed.
PacyPay (credit card) Custom fraud screen filter The transaction was rejected due to risk control concerns Please consult the acquirer.
Pacypay (credit card) Declined by route The merchant did not set up a domain in Pacypay. Please consult Pacypay.
Ebanx (local payment) Payment type not enabled in full mode for merchant:bank transfer The payment collecting account does not accept bank transfers. It needs authorization from Ebanx. Please ask Ebanx to open bank transfer.
Asiabill (credit card) R0000:High risk It was blocked by the risk control of the acquirer. Please consult Asiabill.
LianLianPay (credit card) PF The payment failed. Specific reason can be confirmed with LianLianPay. Please consult LianLianPay.
LianLianPay (credit card) System error The LianLian account of the Business front   "merchantId":"" is wrong.
(There may also be other reasons for passing parameters.)
We recommend merchants confirming the payment information. If the error still occurs, please contact LianLianPay.
Useepay (credit card) System error Consult with the channel party for the details of the transaction order request and whether there is any abnormal violation of the account recently. Merchants are advised to consult with the channel party about the details of the transaction order request, or whether there is an abnormal violation of the account recently.
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