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Navigating through your store's notification performance is key for successful communication and marketing. The Customer notifications section offers a comprehensive overview of your store's notification metrics. Here, the Data breakdown feature presents a detailed analysis of your store's notifications and their respective templates. This analysis includes important metrics such as delivery rate, click rate, sent count, and the total revenue generated from each notification, providing a full picture of how your notifications impact your store's performance.

To access this information, navigate to your Shoplazza Admin > Customers > Customer notifications.

The Overview section

The Overview page presents a snapshot of your store's notification system, including email and web push notifications.

  • Email tab: This tab shows the overall performance of your email notifications, including metrics like the total number of emails sent, delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, and the revenue generated from these emails.
    • Sent: Number of emails sent
    • Delivered: Delivery rate=Emails accepted by recipient email server / Number of emails sent
    • Opened: Open rate=Opened emails / Number of emails sent
    • Clicked: The email recipient clicked on a link in the email.
    • Revenue: The total amount of completed orders by clicking email to get into the store.

  • Web Push tab: Here, you can assess the performance of promotional messages sent as web push notifications.

Data breakdown

For a granular analysis of your notification templates, click on Data breakdown.

This feature allows for an in-depth examination of each notification type, such as Order notifications, Customer information, Marketing strategies, and Gift Cards. You can also specify a date range for a targeted analysis of performance during specific periods, like promotional campaigns.

The effective use of the Customer Notifications Data feature within Shoplazza is a significant step towards enhancing the performance of your online store. By staying attuned to these insights and adapting your strategies accordingly, you can boost your marketing efforts and foster stronger customer engagement.

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