ShukuajingBI enhances your data analysis and management in your Shoplazza store. This online tool simplifies gathering and interpreting complex data, helping you make better business decisions. It's great for improving your supply chain, marketing, and sales analysis. To use ShukuajingBI, start by creating an account at ShukuajingBI  . The steps below will show you how to integrate it with your Shoplazza store, aiding in your business's growth.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Apps, click on Visit App Store.

2. Enter the app name ShukuajingBi in the search box and click on Add app.

3. Once redirected to ShukuajingBi page, log in your account to authorize the integration. If you haven't signed up for a ShukuajingBi account yet, click on Sign Up. Fill in your username, phone number, email and password.

4. Upon completing the registration, your account will be registered within 24 hours, and you will receive account activation details shortly.

5. ShukuajingBI provides a variety of features including:

    • Product selection and listing optimization
    • Supply chain analysis
    • Advertising and marketing analysis
    • Sales and traffic analysis
    • Financial profit calculation
    • To learn more features, visit ShukuagingBI's help center   for more information.

Incorporating ShukuajingBI into your store is a straightforward process that offers you a comprehensive suite of tools for data analysis. This integration not only simplifies your data management but also provides valuable insights to enhance your business strategy.

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