App Features & Benefits

App Features

1. Data Connection

Analyzing the data from multiple stores and platforms through API. After authorizing the store, you can synchronize the data report with one click to view the order, commodity and other information, which makes the customers don't need to download excel anymore.

2. Flexible Analysis

No-code SaaS BIplatform, millions of rows of data are processed in seconds through; It is more flexible and easier to use than excel.

3. Reused Templates

The professional data analysis templates we provide are according to the real needs of Shoplazza customers. After application, the data visualization will be displayed to improve work efficiency.

4. Data Visualization

The data and reports of Shukuajing BI can be viewed on multiple devices like computers, iPads, mobile phones.

5. Team Cooperation

Shukuajing BI provides multi-level permission configuration, such as enterprises, teams and members. They can share data, analyze process and results limited to their roles.

Benefits of the App

1. Product Background

Fanruan has settled in the BI track for many years and created a powerful self-service analysis engine, which is faster, more accurate and more flexible. Users can integrate the data from various platforms through API, analyze the data according to their own business needs, and make data visualizations such as charts, dashboards and storyboards.

2. Comparison with traditional data analysis method

The problem of using Excel is that there is a large amount of data, resulting in Excel jamming. Also, the data reports need to be downloaded repeatedly and it is not intuitive when displaying data.

The problem of using ERP is that the data analysis rules are usually written. However, a large number of sellers need further analysis, and excel is still needed.

For people who use ShukuajingBI, the report has been docked through the API, and can be updated in real time. Also, the result will be updated when the data report is updated.

3. Comparison with traditional store management method

In traditional management,  the possible problems are poor effectiveness, scattered and opaque data, difficult data integration across teams and high communication cost. Because the data seen by the leader is not real-time, it is downloaded and analyzed by the business personnel. The use of ShukuajingBI can be directly reflected in saving time cost and labor cost. At the same time, it also supports multi teams, multi accounts and multi clients real-time data sharing to save communication costs. Team data can also set permissions to ensure information security in the enterprise.

4. Operation Process

Shukuajing BI obtains the data of each platform through API, there are two ways to process data: 1. Use the templates with commonly used indicators; 2. Customizing data processing which is similar to excel to obtain data meeting their own needs and display charts.

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