Viewing inventory history

Shoplazza's admin panel provides a straightforward way to handle and oversee your inventory. This tool helps in avoiding the sale of products that are no longer in stock and informs you when it's necessary to restock or create more of your items. Keeping an accurate track of your inventory aids in running your business smoothly, ensuring that customer demands are met and operations stay uninterrupted.

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Products, click Inventory.

2. Fill in the specific check conditions to filter out the specific products that need to be checked for inventory.

  • Types: Select the condition type (Product title, Vendor and Product ID, etc.) and fill in the information.
  • Date: Pick the Start time and the End time for the product.
  • Search: Click on the Search button to filter out the specific products.
  • Reset: Click on the Reset button to restart your filtering.

3. Click History to view more information.

4. When viewing the inventory history for a product or variant, the following information is shown:

  • Date: The date of each editing.
  • Event: The event that caused editing, such as a transfer or an order.
  • Edited by: The staff member who did the editing.
  • Editing: The inventory quantity to be increased or decreased
  • Inventory after editing: The total amount of inventory quantity that is available.


You are only able to view the history of a single product at one time.

Following the outlined steps provides a clear view of the product inventory dashboard. This understanding aids in better inventory management and maintaining appropriate stock levels. Keeping track of products that require more stock helps avoid running out of items, ensuring a smooth supply chain operation.

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