Archiving Your Orders

Archiving is essential when trying to keep a tidy and well-organized record of past orders. It simplifies the process of retrieving information when needed. To remove orders from the completed order view list, you can choose to archive them. This can be done manually or by setting up auto-archiving for completed orders. This feature ensures your order history is both manageable and accessible.

Manual Archiving

1. From your Shoplazza Admin,click Orders All orders Completed.

2. Select the completed orders that need to be archived and click Archive.

3. Click Ok to archive the selected orders.

4. You can also archive orders on the order details page of the order.

5. Once the orders are archived, they will show up on the Closed order list.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Orders > All orders, click Order setting and select Auto-Archive Orders.

2. After enabling Auto-Archive orders, you have two options to choose from.

  • Setting up automatic order archiving on the day after the order is completed.
  • Orders are automatically archived when completed.

The archived orders will be removed from the Completed list and moved to the Closed list. To view archived orders, you will need to navigate to the Closed list.


  • Only completed orders can be archived. When a completed order is in the refund/return status, it cannot be archived.
  • Orders can be automatically archived when the order is completed or after an order has been completed for a period of time.

Archiving your orders will help you better manage your store. It also supports better customer service by providing quick access to past order information if there are customer queries or disputes.

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