How Do I Create Flash Sales Campaigns?

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Marketing > Flash sales

1. Click Create Campaign to proceed.


2. Fill in the basic information, which includes the Campaign title and Campaign duration. You can choose whether to carry out the campaign on a long-term basis.

3. Usage Rules: set up the limit order rules.

4. Discount rules

  • Fixed discount: If the campaign type is Discount, the discount will remain unchanged. The new promotion price = the original price × (1-discount percentage).
  • Fixed price deduction: If the campaign type is Price deduction, the value of the price deduction will remain unchanged, and the new sale price = the original price - the deducted value.
  • Fixed price: If the campaign type is Fixed price, the final sale price will remain unchanged, and the discount value and deduction price will be calculated based on the original price and sale price.

5. The campaign can apply to Specific products or Collections. If you select specific products, you must add products to participate in the campaign and save.

6. The product sorting display can be sorted alphabetically (or in reverse), by price, or by sales volume.


7. You can return to the Flash sales campaign list at any time to view existing campaigns.


8. Click Next to complete the Campaign page settings.

  • Set up the Flash sale campaign banner. The campaign banner can be set as “Fullscreen” or “Centered”.
  • Enable the banner and progress bar
  • Complete the color settings as needed.
  • All the settings can be seen at the preview section.


9. Click Save and complete the creation of a flash sales campaign.


The campaign duration is set based on the time zone of the SHOPLAZZA admin. The start time cannot be earlier than the current time, and the start time cannot be earlier than the end time.


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