Creating a Bing Feed

A Bing Feed is a useful tool from Microsoft's   search engine designed to help advertisers craft and manage product feeds for Bing Ads. Essentially, a product feed is a data file packed with key details about the products you wish to advertise on Bing, including titles, descriptions, prices, images, and more.

Before creating a Bing feed for your store, you need a Microsoft Advertising account. Click here   to sign up for an account.


1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Products > Product feed, click Add Feed.

2. Here you will add Feed name, select Bing as channel, your store domain and select products. Once done, click Confirm.

3. On the Product feed page, click on the more options button (three dots) next to the Bing feed and copy the link.

4. Log in to your Microsoft Advertising   account and click Merchant Center to continue.

  • Select Feeds in the left navigation bar and click Create Feed.

5. In the popup window, enter the Feed name, select the Feed type to Online Product, and select the corresponding country of sales and language.

  • Under the Input Method section, select Automatically download file from URL. In this case, Source URL and Frequency options will be displayed.

6. Here is the time to paste the Feed URL generated in your Shoplazza admin in Step 3 as the Source URL.

  • Choose the corresponding Frequency and click Create Feed to complete the settings.

With your Bing Feed set up, you can now synchronize your products with Microsoft Advertising. This integration not only facilitates the creation of Bing Ads but also enables precise targeting based on specific demographics and locations, enhancing your reach to the desired audience.

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