Enhancing fraud prevention on your Shoplazza store

Integrating a third-party fraud prevention solution from the Shoplazza App Store   can significantly enhance the security of your online store. These tools offer advanced features that complement the existing fraud analysis in Shoplazza, providing a more robust defense against fraudulent activities.

Here's what you can gain by installing a fraud prevention app:

  • Extra Layer of Protection: Increases your defense against fraudulent activities, complementing Shoplazza’s built-in fraud analysis.
  • Review of Risky Orders: Gives you the opportunity to closely examine orders flagged as high-risk before you process payments and fulfill them.
  • Selective Customer Checkout: Enables you to restrict or allow checkout privileges for specific groups of customers.
  • Targeted Order Prevention: Blocks orders from certain customers or referral sites, and those using specific credit card brands.
  • Automated Alerts and Actions: Notifies you about potential fraud risks and can automatically cancel suspicious orders.

Remember, while Fraud Prevention reduces the chance of chargebacks, it doesn't eliminate the risk entirely. Shoplazza is not responsible for any chargebacks that occur, and you will be responsible for any related charges. Additionally, orders made through third-party payment providers cannot be canceled automatically by the fraud prevention app.

To explore a variety of fraud prevention apps, visit our Shoplazza App Store through this link: Shoplazza App Store - Fraud Prevention Apps  .

Adopting a Fraud Prevention app for your Shoplazza store is a proactive approach to improving your store's security. These tools provide additional measures to help you manage the risks associated with online transactions more effectively. While they cannot offer a complete guarantee against fraud or chargebacks, these resources enhance your store’s security measures, contributing to a safer and more reliable online shopping environment.

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