How do I set up Cash On Delivery as payment method?

Cash on delivery enables customers to pay upfront for a product at the time of delivery. Businesses on the rise can benefit from offering COD payment options to show reliability and assurance of fulfillment by only requesting payment when the product arrives. Storefront users can activate the payment method and set up the corresponding shipping profile to make it available for customers at your store.

Steps to follow

1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to > Settings > Payment > Click Add payment method > Type in COD in the search bar to Activate Manual payment as your payment option.

2. On the Manual payment page, fill in relevant information for both Payment details and Payment instructions.


Information in these sections is mandatory in order to complete the process.

3. Click Activate when you complete.

To create a cash on delivery shipping rate, complete the following steps:
  1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to > Settings > Shipping >Under General shipping > Manage profile > Create shipping zone > check the box that says Cash on delivery available to accept COD as payment in the included Countries/Regions.
  2. Create a zone name, you may say: "COD" for future reference.
  3. Click Confirm to complete your settings for shipping zone.
  4. Add rate/Copy rate to create a rate or duplicate an existing rate for your new shipping profile.
  5. Click confirm.
  6. Refer back to the main page and click the Save button located on top right to finalize.


Bogus gateway can't be used in conjunction with the manual COD gateway for testing purposes; you can only choose one at a time.

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