Searching for products in a collection

You can search for products in a specific collection in order to review, edit, or update them. If your collection includes a variety of products, using this tool will simplify your search for specific items. Enhance your efficiency with this user-friendly tool. This article walks you through how to search for products in a collection.


1. Head over to your Shoplazza admin > Products > Collections.

2. Choose the collection with the products you are looking for, and click on it to enter.

3. Scroll down to the Product list section and use the filter to search for products by their Title, Vendor, Tags, SKU, SPU, and Product ID.

4. You can also search using multiple values by separating them with a comma.

By following the above steps, you can easily search for products in a collection. This can help you filter out the products you want to work on easier and quicker, saving you significant time and effort from manual operation.

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