Sending invoices to your customers

When running an online store, it's important to ensure your customers receive clear and accurate purchase details. Your Shoplazza admin simplifies this process by allowing you to send invoices directly from your order management page. This guide focuses on the straightforward steps for sending invoices and credit notes to your customers, ensuring a smooth transaction process and maintaining a professional image.

Sending Invoices from unfufilled Order section

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Orders > All Orders, switch over to the All tab.

2. Select the order and click Send INVOICE.


For each order, you're allowed to send up to three invoices daily.

Sending Invoices from the Order details page

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Orders > All Orders >switch over to the All tab.

2. Select the order to view the order details page. Click Invoice and choose the envelope icon from the drop down option to send an invoice.


Invoices can not be sent for orders with a payment pending status.

Sending Credit note/Invoice when refunding an order

1. When you confirm a refund from the order details page, you also have an option to send both a credit note and an invoice to your customers notifying them about the refund. Once complete, click Confirm to refund.


A credit note is a document issued to your customers to notify them that a credit is being applied to their account.

By following the above steps, you can easily send invoices to your customers from your Shoplazza admin. Sending invoices to your customers not only strengthens operational efficiency and cash flow by streamlining sales records and prompting customer payments, but also enhances credibility, demonstrating professionalism and providing legal proof for potential disputes.

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