How to use Shippo with Shoplazza

Step 1:Connect Shippo account

  • Click button to install Shippo in the app market.
  • Click button to enter the account you want to bind, or register a new account.
  • Confirm authorization.

Step 2:Export orders

  • Shoplazza automatically export orders which order status of “open" and a Shipping status of “unfulfilled" from the Shoplazza to Shippo.
  • Export COD orders to Shippo is not supported

Step 3:Create a Shipping Label

  • You need to ship the order from the Shippo side, The shipping label will be imported into Shoplazza's order.
  • Partial shipping at Shippo is not supported at this time

For questions on the use of Shippo, please visit


  • If you use Shippo, do not manually create shipping labels within the order on the Shoplazza side. Otherwise, the order will not be able to get a shipping label from Shippo.
  • After shipping in Shippo, please do not delete the shipping label in the order in Shoplazza, if you do it, the order will not get the shipping label again . If you want to continue to view the shipping label in Shoplazza, you need to manually add the shipping label information to the order .
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