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Why choose SHOPLAZZA Affiliate Program?

Shoplazza is committed to achieving long-term win-win with its partners. By joining our affiliate program, you can get the following benefits.

  • Considerable and growing distribution income. We will set an initial rebate agreement for you, which will determine your distribution income algorithm. This rebate agreement is basically the same as the rebate rules provided by other affiliate distribution platforms. Next, we will keep an eye on you at any time, and as your business continues to grow and develop, we will continue to upgrade your rebate agreement to a higher distribution yield to achieve a closer partnership.
  • Brand promotion can be easily completed. Thanks to our excellent product and service attitude, SHOPLAZZA has established a good reputation in China, and its brand influence is trustworthy. With the continuous deepening of overseas merchants, SHOPLAZZA's influence in overseas markets is also expanding. And all of this will help make your distribution business easier.
  • Resource support.  By providing rich content resources and system tools, we can help you develop high-quality content, increase the referral conversion rate of new customers, and help you maximize referral commissions. For qualified partners, we occasionally provide you with in-depth exposure through our own traffic channels to help you expand your audience and make your referral revenue soar.

Application Requirements

A wide variety of diverse partners are active in the SHOPLAZZA Affiliate Program. Whether you are our merchant, developer, content creator, influencer or other roles, as long as you meet the following two conditions, you can join the affiliate program for free and earn great distribution revenue by helping your audience to start a successful business with SHOPLAZZA.

Get started 

The overall process of the SHOPLAZZA Affiliate Program is as follows. The whole process includes the following 8 steps.

Step 1: You are applying to join the SHOPLAZZA Affiliate Program 

Step 2:The review team processes your application

Step 3:The review team will set up a suitable rebate agreement for you through your application

Step 4:You use our referral link to start promotion

Step 5:Your audience joins SHOPLAZZA via a referral link

Step 6:Your audience pays for a subscription at SHOPLAZZA

Step 7:The system regularly calculates the referral rebate income for you, and you initiate a withdrawal after checking the income

Step 8:The review team processes your withdrawal application and settles the rebate for you


You need to focus on 3 points throughout the process.

① Start an application to join the SHOPLAZZA Affiliate Program

Before initiating an application, you need to register a SHOPLAZZA account. If you already have an account, you can directly initiate a login.
Go to Sign up or Sign in

Under the SHOPLAZZA account, you need to create a partner account, and under the partner account, apply to join the affiliate partner program.

Go to understand the relationship between Shoplazza accounts and partner accounts

② Use the referral link to start promotion 

You may encounter some difficulties during the promotion process, and you may contact us to solve the problem at this time.

Contact us

Our official blog will update articles about affiliate distribution promotion skills from time to time, please continue to pay attention and learn.

Official Blog

③ After the system regularly calculates the rebate income for you, initiate a withdrawal

Before you initiate a withdrawal application for the first time, you need to prepare a PayPal account for receiving funds in advance.

Go to Apply for a PayPal Account


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