About the Shoplazza Affiliate Program

Shoplazza is a popular e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create their own online stores easily. With an extensive range of features and tools, Shoplazza is a preferred choice for many entrepreneurs who want to start selling their products online.
If you're someone who loves promoting products or has a website with a significant number of visitors, you can take advantage of the Shoplazza Affiliate Program. It is an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn money by promoting the platform.

What is the Shoplazza Affiliate Program?

The Shoplazza Affiliate Program is a partnership between Shoplazza and affiliates who promote the platform's services to potential customers. In return for each sale made through an affiliate's unique referral link, the affiliate earns a commission.
The Shoplazza Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity for bloggers, influencers, and content creators who have an audience interested in e-commerce, online marketing, and starting an online business. By promoting Shoplazza's services, affiliates can earn a significant amount of money while helping others start and grow their online businesses.
We will provide you with content resources and system tools to assist you in developing high-quality content, increasing the referral conversion rate for new customers, and maximizing referral commissions. Occasionally, we provide in-depth exposure through our own traffic channels to qualified partners to expand their audience and significantly increase their referral revenue.

Application Requirements

Joining the Shoplazza Affiliate Program is simple and straightforward. Affiliates can sign up for the program through the Shoplazza partner account. After your application is approved, the affiliate will receive a unique referral link and a range of promotional materials to promote Shoplazza's services on their website, social media accounts, or through other marketing channels.
The Shoplazza Affiliate Program boasts a diverse range of partners. Regardless of whether you're a merchant, developer, content creator, influencer, or any other role, you can join the affiliate program for free and earn substantial distribution revenue by assisting your audience in starting a successful business with Shoplazza, as long as you meet two criteria:

Application Process

Before you can start an application, you must register a Shoplazza and Partner account. If you already have both of these accounts, you can directly log in by clicking Sign up or Sign in  .

The overall process of the Shoplazza Affiliate Program is as follows.

Step 1: You submit an application to become a member of the Shoplazza Affiliate Program.
Step 2: The review team will evaluate your application.
Step 3: If your application is approved, the review team will establish a suitable rebate agreement for you.
Step 4: Start promoting using our referral link.
Step 5: Your audience signs up for Shoplazza via your referral link.
Step 6: Your audience pays for a subscription at Shoplazza.
Step 7: The system regularly calculates your referral rebate income, which you can withdraw after verifying.
Step 8: Once you request a withdrawal, the review team will process your application and settle your rebate.


In conclusion, the Shoplazza Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn money while promoting a popular and reliable e-commerce platform. Our Official Blog   regularly publishes articles about affiliate distribution promotion techniques, so be sure to stay tuned and continue learning.


To initiate a withdrawal request for the first time, you need to have a PayPal account   for receiving funds in advance.

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