Generating Product SKU Automatically

Generating SKUs automatically can save you a lot of time, especially if you have a large inventory. Rather than manually creating a unique SKU for each product variant, an automated SKU generator can quickly create unique identifiers for your products. This article will walk you through the basic steps of generating product SKU automatically in your Shoplazza admin.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Products > All products, click Product configuration.

2. Click Edit Rules to modify the SKU format.

3. Set the Effective range, and adjust the Serial number increment. Once completed, click Confirm.

4. Click Enable in the SKU AutoGen settings section. Once enabled, all new products and variants will automatically generate SKUs.

Preview effect

To see how SKUs will be created, click Preview effect.

Ungenerated SKU

 For products where SKUs are not created due to formatting issues, bulk manual editing is available.


  • {SPU} Format: Incorporates the product's SPU into the SKU. For instance, if the SPU is "12345" and the format is "{SPU}-A", the SKU becomes "12345-A". If a product lacks an SPU, this part of the SKU will be empty, resulting in SKUs like "-B".
  • {option} Format: Adds variant option values to the SKU. For a red, medium t-shirt with a format of "TSHIRT-{option}-{option}", the SKU would be "TSHIRT-Red-Medium". If a product has only one variant, this part of the SKU will be blank, as in "TSHIRT-Black" for a single-size black t-shirt.
  • {NUM} Format: Represents a series of increasing numbers. Starting at 001 with a format "SKU-{NUM}", the SKUs would sequentially be "SKU-001", "SKU-002", and so forth. This ensures each SKU is unique.

Automated SKUs generation ensures consistency across all products, making it easier to manage and track inventory. This can be especially helpful for businesses with a wide range of products that need to be managed efficiently.

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