Common Scenarios of Email Marketing

You can use email marketing to send emails to customers to promote store campaigns and disseminate promotional information.

Common Scenarios of Email Marketing

Registered guest conversion Encourage registered members with no purchases to place orders and convert potential customers.
Abandoned cart recovery Reduce shopping cart abandonment caused by non-price related factors and increase the likelihood of purchase.
Order repurchase Improve repurchase rate and promote cross-selling through recommendation functions.
Thank you notes Optimize customer experience and enhance customer engagement.
Review invitation Optimize products and services, establish better user experience and communication channels.
Motivate repurchases Recover lost customers and guide one-time customers to make second purchases.
Engage inactive customer Preserve inactive customers, avoid the loss of high-quality customers and cultivate the loyalty of existing customers.
Shopping cart/Favorites reduction Entice customers to place orders.
Membership points/ Membership upgrade reminder Encourage purchases through membership points/membership upgrade privileges to increase customer’s engagement.
Coupon expiration Reminder Promote order placement and improve conversion rate.
Shopping date reminder (Monthly/Yearly) Optimize user experience and send discounts/coupons to improve repurchase rate.
Order notification Improve customer trust and optimize user experience.
Campaign notice Draw attention to promotional offers and encourage customers to place orders.
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