Optimizing your ad campaigns with Shoplazza's conversion tracking tool (Embed data tracking snippets app)

Tracking codes are small pieces of code essential for monitoring user interactions on websites. These codes collect data on user behavior, such as page visits, form submissions, or purchases, and are important in assessing the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. Platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, TikTok, and Google Analytics provide these tracking codes. Embedding them into your Shoplazza store enables you to gain insights necessary for optimizing ad campaigns and improving return on investment. Here are the steps to embed data tracking   snippets in your Shoplazza store.

Installing the Embed data tracking snippets app

1. Accessing the Shoplazza App Store:

  • Navigate to your Shoplazza Admin > Apps and click Visit App Store.

  • Search for "Embed data tracking snippets" and install.


2. Adding a New Snippet:

  • Click + New code.

  • Name your snippet for easy identification. Paste the tracking code from your chosen platform and then select both the trigger page and the location for the code.


Choosing the location for your tracking code impacts how it interacts with your page content. Placing the code at the top of the page means it will load before your content, while positioning it at the bottom ensures it loads afterwards. To minimize any potential impact on your content's loading time, we recommend inserting new tracking codes at the bottom of the page. However, if you're using a third-party data tracking platform with specific requirements, adjust the placement accordingly to comply with their guidelines.

3. Managing your Snippets:

  • You can edit, delete or enable your snippets from the list after setup.

Common Conversion Tracking Errors

Be aware of frequent issues to avoid common pitfalls:

1. Duplicate Conversions:

  • Avoid counting conversions multiple times. This often happens when the tracking code is placed on non-checkout pages.

2. No Conversion Value:

  • Include conversion values to optimize ROI, as strategies differ based on product value.

3.Incorrect Code or Tracking Errors:

  • Ensure accurate scripting to avoid missing out on conversion data in platforms like Google Ads.


1. Is manual creation of a conversion pixel required?

  • No, the app handles this automatically.

2. What should I do with existing pixels?

  • Disable any manually implemented pixels in your store.

3. Are there coding requirements?

  • No, the app is designed for easy use without coding.

4. Does the app support multiple Google Ads accounts?

  • Yes, it supports multiple accounts and MCC accounts.

5. What if I see a blank screen after installing the app?

  • Disable any active ad blockers and try again.

By following these steps and tips, you can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your ad campaigns through effective conversion tracking with Shoplazza.

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