How Do I Embed Data Tracking Snippets?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Apps > Visit App Store > Embed data tracking snippets




2.“Add new”. For ease of management, first, name the snippet, paste the code snippet that to be added and select the trigger page and the location where the code is to be inserted.



3.Quickly enable, edit and delete in the list after setting up.


4.Once the code is added, head over to the data overview to check whether the relevant data has been reported correctly.

📘 Note:

If you choose the top of the page, the code will load before the content is loaded. If you choose the bottom of the page, the code will load after the content is loaded. To ensure the new code does not affect content loading, we recommended placing new code at the bottom of the page. If a third-party data tracking platform has related restrictions, you can change the default settings as needed.

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