Create collections automatically

This is suitable for merchants with a large number of SKUs.

Once the filters are activated, products that meet filtering conditions will automatically be added to the collection. Assuming you've logged into your Shoplazza admin, head over to "Collections" under "Products".


1. Click on Create collection.


2. Enter collection details and then head over to Automated under Product filters, and click on Add condition.mceclip1.png

3. Conditions can be created using tags like Product title , Vendor , Product price , etc., and filtering results can be either equal to or not equal to the value entered. If the current condition is insufficient to satisfy your needs, you can click add another condition.




4. Please also be aware that you can have products automatically added by having them match All conditions or Any conditions.

  • When All conditions is selected, products will be automatically added to the automated collection only if they meet all conditions.
  • When Any condition is selected, products can be automatically added to the automated collection if they meet some of the conditions.


5. Don't forget to click Save after you've created the conditions.

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