Sorting Products in Collections

Enhancing the shopping experience in your online store starts with how you present your products. Effective sorting of products in collections is a straightforward way to capture customers' attention and influence their purchasing decisions. Although products may initially be listed alphabetically, customizing this order to highlight best sellers, price differences, views, or newness of products can significantly impact customer interaction. This guide simplifies the process of sorting products within your collections, aiming to improve both the visual appeal and functionality of your online store.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Products > Collections, select the collection you want to sort.

2. In the product list, find the Sort bar. Choose your preferred sorting method from the dropdown menu.

3. Your products will rearrange based on the selected sorting criteria. For example, sorting by price might display items from lowest to highest.

4. For manual sorting, use the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange products to your liking.

5. Additionally, you can Pin-to-top certain items so that its display position is unaffected by sorting conditions.

Sorting during import

Sorting products during the import process is an efficient feature, especially for collections that are manually curated. This method streamlines the process of organizing products as they're added to your collection.

1. In the product list section, Click on Import.

2. Click on import template to download XLSX file, where you can input all the details of products and then click on Select file to import file.

3. After uploading the product file, choose an import sequence from the options under Import guidelines.

4. Customize how your products are displayed by adjusting the Display settings.

5. Finish your setup by clicking Save, finalizing your new settings.

Following these steps enables you to effectively organize the products in your collections, making your online store more appealing and easier to navigate. A well-organized store not only improves the customer experience but also has the potential to increase sales. Keep in mind, maintaining a user-friendly environment is crucial for thriving in the e-commerce landscape.

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