Importing / Exporting Products

Use a properly designed spreadsheet to import or export data if you need to move a lot of product information between Shoplazza and another eCommerce platform. CSV files are used by Shoplazza to carry out this type of task more efficiently.

Export products

Products can be exported into CSV files to create a backup of your inventory or move products from one store to another.

1. Start here: Shoplazza admin > Products > All products > Export


2. Select the export range and export. After export completes, click to download the file.



Import products

You can easily Import products using a CSV file into your Shoplazza store when you switch from another platform or when you want to do bulk editing.

1. Start here: Shoplazza admin > Products > All products > Import


2. Download the import template and fill in the information. Click Select file to upload the file.


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