Searching Abandoned checkouts

When a customer abandons their shopping cart, you will see that order on the abandoned checkout page. Orders with a pending payment status will show in the recoverable tab. You can email your customer a link to their abandoned cart so that the payment can be completed and the order can be recovered.


1. Head over to your Shoplazza admin > Orders > Abandoned checkouts.

2. The Abandoned Checkouts page has three tabs: Recoverable, Recovered, and All.

  • When customers abandon their cart, the order will appear in the Recoverable tab.
  • Once the payment is settled, the order will appear under the Recovered tab. You can open these orders to fulfill the items.

3. Use various search filters to find orders. Click Search to display the desired order on the page.

4. You can also select different column settings by clicking the Edit header.

By applying different search filters, you can easily find your desired orders for further processing. This streamlines your workflow, promoting efficiency and accuracy in every task you undertake. Embrace this simple tool and transform the way you manage your orders for a smoother, more productive experience.

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