Search for the Abandoned Checkouts

1.SHOPLAZZA admin divides the order into four categories, which are “Unfulfilled”, “Abandoned checkouts”, “After sales”, and “PayPal dispute”.


2.In the Abandoned checkouts section, orders are divided into four categories based on the order status (Recoverable, Recovered, and All). It is easy to find the order in the different order categories.


3.Search the order by different search conditions. After clicking “Search,”  the required order will be displayed on the page.

  • Support search the corresponding order by the Order number, Customer name, Order ID, Title, Tags, SKU, SPU, Visitor IP, Source, Email, Phone number, Delivery methods, Vendor, Tracking number, Discount codes, Special delivery note, Payment method, and Transaction ID.
  • You can search by the order amount.
  • You can search by the time when the order was created or placed.


4.You can edit the header field of the order list to show the order to be selected out and viewed.



📘 Note:

You can select one filter type at a time. Multiple filter types are supported.

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