How Do I Set Up Banner?

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Marketing > Pop up > Create campaign.


2. Click Banner to start the banner set up.



3. You can select a template when you hover over the template. The template type includes “ Free shipping reminder,” “Promotion countdown,” and “Subscription,” etc. Click “Select” to redirect to set content style. When your customers include EU citizens, you can choose a cookie template to comply with the Data Privacy Policies of the relevant country/region.

  • When setting up the content style, you can preview the effect on PC and mobile devices.
  • The Global settings section can set up Display settings, Cover, and Size.
  • The link section can set up the redirect link.
  • Background section can set up Image, Background color, Style, Alignment
  • The content section can set up Text, Coupon, Input box, Button
  • The off button can set up the display as “Hide.”


4. Click Next to set up trigger conditions.

  • Page display can be selected to exhibit "all pages" (excluding payment and registration pages) or "Select page". Select pages can be set by page type (Home, Collection details, Product details, Cart, Flash sale promotion, Coupon code activity, and others) or by page URL. You can add a maximum of 10 URLs, including or equal to the URL of the page. The settings can be generated on both pages simultaneously as an option.
  • Trigger time can be set as “Enter the page” or “Leave the page”. "Enter the page" means when the user lands on the page. "Leave the page" is only available for the desktop version, not mobile. If the trigger timing sets the display as "Enter the page," the delay time can set the display as "Without delay" and "Delay *** to pop up" and be disabled by default. Where the trigger time is set as "Leave the page," the pop-up window will be triggered when the user moves to the top of the page.
  • The delay time can be set as "Without delay" and "Delay *** to pop up" and disabled by default when the trigger timing is "Leave the page."
  • Display frequency can be set as "Every single time, Just once, ***times per day, ***times per week, Once per month."
  • Stop conditions can be set as "After pop up *** times”, “After closing” and “After participating in the campaign".


5. Click Next to set up an effective range.


6.Click "Edit" to set the target customer. New users count as customers who had their first visit within 24 hours. Existing users count as customers who revisit the website within 24 hours after their first visit. If an unlogged user submits an email address through any channel, they are marked as a subscribed user. Otherwise, they are marked as an unsubscribed user.

  • The time zone when the campaign is active is the same as that of the store.
  • The campaign title is only used for the admin page and will not be displayed to users.


7. Click Next to preview the Pop-up banner.


9. Click Save to complete the creation.

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