Searching for Your Unfulfilled Orders

When a customer buys something from your online store, it appears as a new order in the All orders page in your Shoplazza Admin. These orders will be categorized based on status. You can also customize your order view to make orders easier to find. This article will walk you through filtering and fingding your unfulfilled orders.


1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Orders All Orders.

2. Under the All orders section, orders are placed into five categories based on their statuses: All, Unfulfilled, Fulfilled, Completed, and Closed. By clicking on the corresponding tab, it’s easy to find the order you want in the different order categories.

3. On the top bar of each category, you have a search bar to filter your orders. After clicking Search, the filtered order will be displayed on the page. Use the following filter options to search for your orders.

  • Search orders by adding the Order number, Customer name, Order ID, Title, Tags, SKU, SPU, Visitor IP, Source, Email, Phone number, Delivery methods, Vendor, Tracking number, Discount codes, Special delivery note, Payment method, and Transaction ID.
  • Search by the order amount.
  • Search by the time at which the order was created or placed.

4. To customize your view, click Edit header in the order list section.

5. Choose a minimum of 5 header fields or select all for display. Rearrange their order by dragging, then click Confirm to save your settings.

Mastering the use of filters and search functions in your Shoplazza Admin is an invaluable skill for efficiently managing your online store. It not only saves time but also ensures that you're always aware of your store's order status, particularly unfulfilled orders. Streamlining this aspect of your business will contribute significantly to maintaining a high level of customer service and operational efficiency.

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