Creating Pop Ups

A pop-up is a small window that appears when customers are browsing your store website. Generally, pop-ups are used for advertising and generating sales leads for your product. You can easily create different types of pop-ups in your Shoplazza store by following these easy steps.


  1. Start here: Shoplazza admin > Marketing > Pop up > Create campaign
  2. You can Preview or Select a template on the template selection page.
  • The main types of templates are Rebates, Subscription pop up, customer retention pop up, Abandoned cart retention pop up, Flash sales, Holiday discounts, and Marketing campaigns, etc.
  1. Click Next to set up content style.
  2. When setting up content style, you can preview the effect on PC and mobile devices.
  • On the Global settings section, you can set up Display settings, Cover, and Size.
  • On the Background section, you can set up Image, Background color, Style, and Alignment.
  • On the content section, you can set up Text, Coupon, Input box, Button.
  • You can also set up Before submission and After submission styles separately.
  1. Click Next to set trigger conditions.
  • You can choose the display page as All pages (Payment and registration pages are not included) or Specific page. Specific pages can be set by page type (Home, Collection details, Product details, Cart, Flash sale promotion, Coupon code activity, and others) or by page URL. You can add a maximum of 10 URLs.
  • Trigger timing can be set up as Enter the page or Leave the page.Enter the page means that the pop-up window can be triggered when the customer enters the page. "Leave the page" is only effective for desktop view.
  • The delay time can be set up as Without delay or Delay and disabled by default when the trigger timing is Leave the page.
  • Display frequency can be set up asEvery single time, Once, Number of times per day, Number of times per week, or Once per month.
  • Stop condition can be set up as  After pop up (number of times), After closing and After participating in the campaign.
  1. Click Next to set up effective range.
  • Click Edit to set the target customer. The customers who had their first visit within 24 hours are counted as new users. The customers who revisit the website within 24 hours after their first visit are counted as existing users. If an unlogged user submits an email address through any channel, they are marked as subscribed users. Otherwise, they are marked as unsubscribed users.
  • The time zone when the campaign is active is the same as that of the store.
  • The campaign title is only used for admin and will not be displayed on the user end.
  1. Click Next to preview the Pop up.
  • Click Preview to view the effect of the pop up display. You can also compare the the effect “ Before submission” and “After submission.”
  1. Click Save to complete the pop up creation.


Deleted campaign can not be recovered. Please proceed carefully.

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