Adding multiple variants for your products

Offering a range of product options is a key strategy for enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining inventory management. This guide will help you navigate through the variant settings of your Shoplazza products with clarity.


1. Selecting Your Product

Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Products > All products. Either create a new product or select the product you want to edit.

2. Activating Multiple Variants

In the product details, scroll to the Variant settings section where product variants are listed. Opt for Multiple variants to enable this feature. Once activated, you can add new options to your product variants.

3. Inputting Variant Information

When you click to add options, a window will appear prompting you to enter the name and values of your variant. For example, if you select "Color" as the name, you might enter "Pink" and "Red" as the variant values. Should you need to include additional attributes, simply click the Add option button to add another attribute. Confirm your inputs when finished. Note that you can add up to three attributes for your product.

4. Tailoring Each Variant

After setting your attributes, you can further customize each variant. This includes:

  • Image required: Ensuring that a photo accompanies each product variant.

  • Note required: Adding a description for clearer identification of each variant.

  • Inventory tracking: Keeping tabs on your stock levels with options to stop selling when out of stock, continue selling, or change the product's status to a draft.
    • Stop selling when out of stock: Products become unavailable when they are out of stock.
    • Continue selling when out of stock: customers can still submit orders regardless of whether the product is out of stock or not.
    • Set as draft when out of stock: Published products become saved drafts when they are out of stock.

5. Arranging Your Variant Display

You can adjust what information is displayed in your admin by clicking on Edit header. This allows you to organize the variant information in your preferred order. Confirm your edits to proceed.

6. Managing Variant Details

Further refine your product's variants through the following buttons:

  • Single variant: This button lets you add details of existing variants.

  • Edit options: Here, you can modify the attributes you've set for your product or add new attributes to enhance your product’s variety.

  • Replace options attribute: This function allows you to replace an entire attribute with a new one or to change specific values of an existing attribute.

7. Implementing Your Changes

It’s important to save your changes after you've made adjustments to ensure that all updates are reflected on your store.

Introducing multiple variants not only gives your customers more options but also equips you with valuable insights into your best-selling items, helping you predict trends and customer preferences.

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