Changing and customizing your theme language

Adjusting the language of your Shoplazza theme is a key step in catering to a global audience. This feature not only allows for changing the language but also provides the option to manually translate or customize specific phrases. This guide will help you tailor your theme’s language to better meet the needs of your diverse customer base.

1. Starting the Language Change Process: First, head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Themes. Locate the theme you want to work on, click on the more options icon next to it, and select Edit language.

2. Choosing a New Language: Click on Switch translation languages to select a new language. Once you've made your choice, click Confirm to set this as the theme’s language.

3. Manual and Custom Translation Features: With the new language selected, the original text appears on the left and a space for translated text on the right. Here, you have the option to use the provided automatic translations or enter your own custom translations for specific phrases, giving your store a more personal touch.

4. Handling Untranslated Texts: If some text remains untranslated, use the filter option to locate Untranslated texts. This feature allows you to manually translate these sections, ensuring language consistency across your theme.

By changing and personalizing the language of your Shoplazza theme, you’re enhancing your store’s appeal to customers worldwide. This level of language customization not only supports linguistic diversity but also ensures that the messaging aligns with your brand identity, offering a more engaging and welcoming shopping experience.

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