Enhancing Your Collection Page with Sub-Collections

Optimizing your Shoplazza store by displaying sub-collections on your collection page can significantly improve the browsing experience for your customers. This feature provides a clear directory of different collections, allowing customers to effortlessly navigate and explore their preferred products. Follow the simple steps outlined below to ensure a proper setup.


  • The collection must have sub-menu items created under the main menu in the admin.
  • Sub-menus should be linked to a specific collection.
  • Sub-Collections support Eva, Hero, Wind, and Geek themes.

Navigate to the Header

Navigate to your Shoplazza admin, go to Online Store > Navigation. Click on the Edit button in the Header.

Create New Menu Items

1. On the edit menu page, click on the Edit button in the New Arrivals section.

2. Select Collection page from the Link dropdown.

3. In the pop-up, choose the collection and click Confirm to apply changes.

Establish Sub-Collections

1. Head back to the edit menu page and click Add menu item for Sub-Collections. Provide a name and link it to the collection page.

2. Select a collection for the Sub-Collections and click Confirm.

3. Reposition the sub-collection section by using the drag indicator to place it under the New Arrivals section, then click Save.

Customize Sub-Collections

1. Navigate to your Online Store in Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Themes and click the Customize button.

2. Switch the page type to Collections - Default collection using the dropdown.

3. Click on the Sub-collection section. If you prefer to reposition it, use the Drag indicator to place it anywhere on the layout.

4. Click on the Sub-collection section to customize the image layout and display as desired. Click Save draft or Publish to finalize the setup.

Preview Sub-Collections

View the display of sub-collections to ensure the desired effects.

By setting up sub-collections on your collection page, you provide your customers with a seamless and organized browsing experience. This enhancement ensures that customers can easily explore and find their desired products within your store.

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