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Images and text are both essential components of a website. While images provide the visual appeal and help communicate ideas, including images with text in your store pages details specific information. This also helps with search engine optimization. By carefully balancing the two, merchants can create an engaging and effective online presence that attracts and retains visitors.


Images play a critical role in creating a visual impact on visitors. When it comes to attracting and retaining customer attention, a well-chosen image can achieve beyond satisfactory results. It can break up large blocks of text and create a focal point that draws the reader's eye. The right image also speaks for your brand, it communicates and embodies unique perspectives and the value your brand stands for.

Images are an excellent tool for communication. For instance, product images are an essential component of e-commerce websites because they show customers exactly what they will be getting.


Well-written text provides an opportunity to tell a story or communicate ideas effectively. Your written text breaks down complex concepts into easily understood language and creates a narrative that captures the readers' attention. Moreover, search engines can crawl written content and use it to determine the relevance of a site to a particular query. Detailed, high-quality content that features relevant keywords can help improve visibility and drive more organic traffic to your web pages.

Many visitors may not have the patience to read lengthy blocks of text. But with a clear value proposition, your store pages can hold customers longer. This is where the importance of images comes in again as they help break down longer text and make it more digestible and attractive.

A balance between text and images is important to ensure that the website is both visually stimulating and informative.

Image with text section

Below is an example we've put together with the Image with text section from Nova 2022. The images here offer a preview of a collection that your customers might be interested in exploring further with your customized optional button.

Text with icons

The text with icons section is another representation of why images and text are great when they are combined. Here, the image below is a reference example we have made text with icons section in Nova 2022. The usages of logos provide visual aids and help illustrate your content more clearly.

Gallery section

A well-curated photo gallery can enhance the overall design and aesthetics of the website, making it more appealing and professional-looking.  By including high-quality photos of your products in the gallery, you can showcase your brand's quality and attention to detail.

Below is an example of how you can make practical use of this section based on the needs of your business. For example, an automotive parts retailer might offer engine and chassis parts for a wide variety of cars. You can customize this section with the intention of displaying the most popular and necessary items  in your store.


For more on how to set up the Gallery section, please see here.

The combination of images and text on a website is crucial in providing a successful user experience. Images aid in capturing the attention of the viewer and conveying complex ideas or emotions quickly and effectively. Text serves as the backbone of the website, providing detailed information about the subject matter that can not be conveyed through images alone.

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