Setting up Shop the look campaign in Bundle sales app

The Shop the look feature in the Bundle sales app streamlines the shopping experience by allowing customers to purchase a curated set of products with a single click. You can enhance this feature by adding a visually appealing cover image for each bundle, spotlighting your brand's unique qualities. Adding the option for special discounts on these sets not only encourages higher order values but also boosts overall sales. Both you and your customers benefit from this approach, making it an effective strategy for improving sales and building brand loyalty. This article helps you create and manage your own campaigns.

Creating a new campaign

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Apps > Visit App Store. Search for the app Bundle sales then add it to your store.

2. Click on Shop the look in the app.

3. Click Create campaign.

4. Customize your campaign using the split-screen interface: the left side is for editing options, while the right side offers a live preview of the changes.

4.1 Shop the look (basic settings): Name the campaign, add description about it, and set its duration in this block.

  • Activity name: Name of the campaign.
  • Additional activity description: If you want to add any additional remarks to this campaign, check this part and fill in the text box below.
  • Activity time: If you want your campaign to run indefinitely, simply choose the Long term option. This keeps your campaign active without an end date.

4.2 Content settings: You can set an image as the cover of this campaign and select products to be sold in a package.

  • Cover settings: Upload an image for the campaign cover. Recommended dimensions are 1200 px, 4:3 ratio, and .gif, .jpg, or .png formats.
  • Coordinated products: Click Choose products to add items to your bundle set. Up to 6 products can be included.

4.3 Discount settings: You can set a discount for customers buying this set.

  • Fixed price reduction: Reduce the total cost by a fixed dollar amount.
  • Fixed discount: Reduce the total price by a specified percentage.
  • Fixed price: Offer the bundle at a fixed price.
  • No discount: Items included in this set are all sold at their regular prices.

5. Click Save to complete your settings.

Integrating campaigns into your store theme

  • Theme Integration: After you've successfully created a new campaign, the "Complete Sets" section is automatically integrated into your Default Product page. This saves you a step and enhances your customer's shopping experience right away.

  • Customize Further: Should you wish to feature this section on other pages of your store, a one-time popup will appear immediately after you set up the campaign. Click on Theme Decoration to manually add the "Complete sets" section to your chosen pages. If you close or miss this popup, you'll have to head over to your theme editor to make this modification manually.

  • If you close or miss this popup, head over to your theme editor. Simply select the corresponding page in the dropdown at the top of the theme decoration page.

  • Click Add section.

  • Scroll down to find the Complete sets section under APPS. Then, click to add it to the page.

  • Refining the display: Inside your theme editor, you can customize the "Complete sets" section by clicking on the title. Options include changing the title, adjusting the number of items displayed, and altering text colors to better match your store's theme.

Managing your campaigns

Your campaigns can be managed from the Shop the look section in the app.

  • Click and drag the drop icon to reorganize the campaigns.

  • Activate or deactivate a campaign. Deactivated campaigns will not be visible to customers.

  • Click on the trash can icon to delete a campaign. Please note that deleted campaigns can not be restored.

Setting up a Shop the look campaign in the Bundle Sales app is a straightforward process that can lead to more sales and happier customers. By following these steps, you're well on your way to offering your customers a simplified and appealing shopping experience.

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