Upgrading Theme

Store themes may undergo changes in their features with version updates. It is important to regularly check for theme updates and upgrade them in order to stay tuned with the latest version. By upgrading your store theme, you can take advantage of the newest features, enhance your storefront interface, and improve your customers' shopping experience. This article will walk you through the details of upgrading your theme.

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Online Store > Themes , click on "···" button next to the Customize .

2. Click Upgrade .


Current theme won't be overwritten after upgrading. The upgraded theme will be added to the recently added list.

3. If the message shows Theme upgraded , then you have successfully upgraded the theme.

4. Once the theme is upgraded, a new theme with the title of Upgrade of the name of the theme that you upgraded + upgrading time (e.g., Upgrade of Nova 2023 18:23:21 2023-11-13) will be generated in the Theme library section, and the upgraded theme is unpublished.

5. Click the Publish button of the upgraded theme to display your upgraded theme in your storefront or publish the theme in the theme editor after completing the customization.

By following the above steps, you can easily upgrade your store theme and start using the latest features. This will enable you to improve your product showcase, enhance your storefront interface and offer a more satisfying shopping experience for your customers.

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