Changing your default location

When managing an online store, keeping your shipping details up to date ensures a smooth operation. Specifically, setting your default location is key as it dictates where your shipments originate. If there's been a change in your main inventory location, updating your default shipping location is a straightforward process. Here's how to make this update in just a few steps. Remember, the default location is used for automatic shipment origins, and it's important to select a location that's equipped for online order shipments.


  • Orders are assigned to the default location if no inventory is available elsewhere.
  • Only locations capable of shipping online orders can be designated as default.


To update your default location:

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Settings > Shipping, navigate to the Default location section and click on Change default location.

2. Select your default location and click on OK to easily save your change.

Updating your default location is a simple yet important task. It ensures that your shipments are managed efficiently and originate from the correct location. By following these steps, you can make this update quickly and continue to provide excellent service to your customers.

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