Managing Gift card orders

If your customers buy gift cards from your store, their orders will be marked as "Gift card" orders. You can view these orders by filtering them out in unfulfilled orders, and handle post-sales processing.

To filter out and view gift card orders, follow these steps:


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Orders > Unfulfilled, click Edit header and select Order type. Then, click Confirm to add a new header.

2. By adding the Order Type column, you can distinguish whether an order was a gift card purchase or a normal order.

Sending gift cards

1. After your customer completes a gift card order, that certain gift card will automatically be sent to the customer by e-mail. If the product is sent as a gift when purchasing, the gift card will be sent to the gift recipient. Then, the status of the order will be updated to Completed.


  • You can Resend an e-mail to the customer or gift recipient in Timeline.
  • If the gift card hasn't been automatically sent, you can click Send gift card to complete the process.
  • Currently, you can only support sending gift cards to customers via email. If a customer places a gift card order with their mobile phone number, you will need to update their email address in the Customer management section before sending the gift card.

Refund for gift card orders

1. The refund should follow the rules outlined below:

    • You can only create refunds for all unused gift cards within an order, but not for the unused ones among all gift cards.
    • You can't create refunds for used gift cards.
    • To tell if a gift card has been used, simply check if the remaining balance matches the original amount on the card.

2. When you create a refund, you can select whether or not to disable the unused gift cards in the order. By default, unused gift cards will be disabled.

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