Why does the product SEO not match the actual product information?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is instrumental in enhancing your website's visibility on search engine results. In most cases, product SEO automatically pulls in the necessary product details, assisting search engines in better understanding and showcasing your offerings. However, if the product SEO seems to change on its own, or if you've noticed discrepancies between your product SEO and the actual product details, the likely suspect is the "Auto add meta title and meta description" feature within the "SEO Optimizer" App. Here's how to fix this:

Confirm if the Auto add meta title and meta description feature is activated

When this feature is turned on, the "SEO Optimizer" App takes control of the product's SEO details if the product doesn't have its own SEO settings. To stop the App from automatically adjusting the default product's SEO, just turn off this feature.

Turn on the Separate edit feature of product SEO

If there are specific products you want to exclude from the Auto add meta title and meta description feature, turn on the Separate edit feature for those products' SEO. After this is done, any changes in product titles, descriptions, or adjustments from the "SEO Optimizer" App will not impact the SEO details for those products. This gives you full control over their SEO details.


The "SEO Optimizer" app can also manage the SEO settings for your collections and blogs, by auto-adding SEO information. If you want to disable the Auto add meta title and meta description feature for these sections, simply switch it off in the corresponding section of the "SEO Optimizer", or enable the SEO Separate edit feature for individual collections or blogs.

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