How to create an FAQ page in store footer

Through FAQs, you can collect comments and suggestions from customers and know if they are satisfied. With their feedback, you can improve the purchasing process in your store, and enhance the customers' shopping experience.

How to add FAQ page in store footer

1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Online Store > Pages and click Add page.

2. Go to Page settings, name the page, and then click Save.

3. When you finish the edits, please go to Online store > Navigation and click the edit button to set the footer menu.

4. Click Add menu item in the Edit menu page.

5. Name the menu, then select Custom page to link the menu to the certain page, and click Confirm.

6. Click Add and go back to the Edit menu page. Then you can see the added menu.

7. Click Save to complete the process.


You can click and drag the drop icon to reorganize the menu items.

How to add FAQ page in a Theme

1. Please go to Online store > Themes > Customize.

2. Click on the upper dropdown and select Pages. Click Add page to connect to the corresponding Page, and then click Create.

3. After creating the page, go to the FAQ Page and click Add section to add a FAQs Section.

4. Click the options on the left to edit corresponding text.

5. Click Add block to create more blocks for Questions and Rich text.


You can create up to 5 Questions and Rich text blocks.

6. Click Save draft and Publish to complete the process.

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