Geek Theme: How do I add theme cards to my newly created Collections page?

By default, there's a Collections page that you can customize to fit your needs. This page acts like a guide where you can showcase your collections and sales events. But if you have special collections that need their own pages, you can easily create these pages.

This means you can have a separate page for a specific collection or a group of collections. You can adjust the content and style to suit your taste. With this feature, you can create unique pages that really showcase specific collections or share important information.

To begin, adjust the default Collections page or create new ones for individual collections by following the easy steps given. This lets you shape your collections pages to maximize their impact and create a personalized experience for your customers.

Adding theme cards

1. Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Themes. Then click on the Customize button.

2. Next, locate the dropdown menu and choose Collections.

3. Click Create collection to create a customized page for a certain collection or a group of collections.


Please note that when you make changes to the default collection page, those changes will be automatically reflected across all collection pages.

4. Here you will create a name for the new collections page. Choose the collection or collections you would like to include.

5. To add theme cards to your newly created Products page, click on Add section. This will show you all the theme cards (which is also known as sections and blocks) available for you to use.


The theme provides a selection of built in theme cards that can be utilized to configure the page layout. To explore the full range of supported cards for the page, simply click on Add Section. This feature enables you to conveniently choose and incorporate the desired elements into the page design.

Updating your Collection page properties

To update your Collections page, simply click on the Actions dropdown menu. From there, you can view the assigned collections, add new collections, rename the page, duplicate it, or delete it.

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