Which payment providers support iDEAL local payments?

Local payment methods are a way to support payments using bank cards from your area or country. Customers can simply use their own debit card to complete the payment. Almost every country has its own popular payment methods, so activating a popular local payment method can expand the sales market and gain more potential customers. Additionally, the use of local payment methods can also gain the trust of local customers and make it easier for consumers to place orders and make purchases. For example, in mainland China, popular local payment methods include WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay.

What are the benefits of local payment methods?

1. Align with market payment trends, making ordering and purchasing easier for consumers.

2. More secure and stable, free from credit card chargeback risks, and not governed by credit card organizations.

3. Offers a broader selection beyond typical choices, catering to local market preferences and product pricing. This enhances the overall selection and increases the variety of available options.

What are the local payments of iDEAL?

IDEAL is a local Dutch payment method based on bank transfers for online stores and other online transactions in the Netherlands, with more than 1.2 billion payments made via iDEAL each year, with peaks of more than 6 million. 70% of all e-commerce transactions in the Netherlands are paid through iDEAL. It is by far the most successful and most used payment tool in the Netherlands. iDEAL in the Netherlands is similar to UnionPay in China and supports most of the banks in the Netherlands, with an 80% market share in the Netherlands.

For consumers, iDeal is safe and fast with its simple interface. The payment method is secure, reliable and easy to use. It can be debited directly from the consumer's bank account, avoiding the fees and security issues associated with using credit cards or other online payment methods.

Merchants, on the other hand, receive real-time transaction confirmation, facing no rejection risk. According to market research GFK   , 80 million e-commerce payments were made through iDeal, which is suitable and appropriate for online shopping, traveling, high-risk industries like gaming.

To learn more about how IDEAL Payments works, its advantages and more, you can click on the official IDEAL website    for more information.

For more information about IDEAL Payments' security measures and technical specifications, you can refer to the Dutch Payments Association   .

Payment providers that support iDEAL payments

  • Paypal
  • Other payment channels (such as AsiaBill, GoAllPay, Oceanpayment, Pacypay, Pagsmile, Payssion)
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