Introduction to After sales

After sale services are essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Handling these services effectively ensures that your customers continue to receive support following their purchases. Here's how you can efficiently manage these post-purchase interactions directly in your admin area.

Viewing your aftersale orders

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Orders > After sales.

2. Here, you are working with four separate tabs facilitating aftersale orders in a timeline:

  • Pending: Return or refund orders that are waiting to be processed from your end.
  • Processing: Act and mark orders as refunded or returned.
  • Completed: This status indicates an order has either been fully refunded or has been returned to you from customers. Orders canceled directly from your customers will also be displayed as completed.
  • Closed: Orders that have been archived.


For some payment methods, you may need to manually update order statuses and process refunds. Please check with your payment provider for more information.

Filtering by conditions

Clicking Edit header will allow you to apply more conditions to filter orders.


You must have more than 5 attributes marked in Edit header if you would like to apply different filtering conditions.

Exporting orders

Keeping an excel copy of orders processed can help you analyze store conversions and identifying trends. You can find the Export button with the arrow shown below and download a complete history of your orders.

Effectively managing after sale services is key to sustaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Utilizing these admin tools helps streamline this process, making it easier to handle customer requests and maintain a strong relationship with your customer base.

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