Generating product descriptions with AI

With the AI-driven product description generator, crafting captivating descriptions is simple. Just provide the keywords for your product's functions and features, and our advanced AI technology will work its magic. You'll receive high-quality, naturally flowing product descriptions that hit the mark. Additionally, you can enhance your existing descriptions using our AI system, which offers convenient features like multi-language translation, expression refinement, and tone customization. By leveraging the power of the AI product description generator, you can streamline your product publishing process and potentially boost conversion rates with exceptional descriptions.

Generating your product description through AI

Explore the new AI generated feature to create compelling product descriptions. Simply follow these steps:

1.Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Products > All products. If you want to create a new product, click on the Create product button.

2. If you want to update an existing product, click on the Edit icon on the desired product.

3. Once you are in the product editing interface, click on the AI generation / AI optimization button. If you are creating a new product, click on AI generation. If you are updating a product, click AI optimization.

4. A window will then slide in from the right side where you can enter details for the AI product generator / optimizer. Fill in the details and click the Generate button.

Filling out your product information

On the AI optimization pop-up page, you have the opportunity to provide essential details for your product description customization. Here's how it works:

1. Fill out your product title, optimization direction, tone, and word count.

    • Your product title will be incorporated into the title of the generated description, and you can make modifications to it if desired.
    • Choose from three optimization directions: tone, translation, and localized expression.
    • Explore the selection of three different supported tones: expert, enthusiastic, humorous, and kind.
    • Language options available include Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Thai, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, German, Dutch, and Polish.
    • If you opt for localized expression, you will be prompted to input your target market, such as Toronto, for example (this will generate a description tailor made for life in Toronto).
    • Additionally, you can set a word count limit for your descriptions.

    • Your descriptions will automatically include all the information you fill in, taking into account the chosen optimization directions. However, you have the flexibility to make modifications based on the generated content.

2. After filling out the necessary details, proceed by clicking on the Generate button. This will initiate the process of generating a new description tailored to your specifications.

3. As you scroll down within the pop-up window, the newly generated product description will be displayed. Take your time to carefully review the generated description and ensure it aligns with your expectations. Once you are satisfied with the result, simply click the Apply button. This action will seamlessly add the generated description to your product details, incorporating it into your product listing. If you wish to explore alternative iterations or compare previous results, you can conveniently navigate through the history of generated descriptions using the arrows located at the bottom of the pop-up window. This allows you to select the product description that best fits your preferences and requirements.


There is a daily limit of 200 generated responses per day.

In conclusion, this feature streamlines the process of creating compelling and customized descriptions for your products. By simply providing keywords and filling out relevant details, you can generate high-quality descriptions that resonate with your target audience. The AI system offers optimization directions such as tone, translation, and localized expression, allowing you to tailor the descriptions to specific markets and cultural nuances. With the ability to review and select from generated descriptions, you have full control over the final result. This powerful tool not only enhances your product publishing efficiency but also has the potential to increase conversion rates by captivating potential customers with exceptional product descriptions. Leverage the AI product description generation feature to effectively showcase your products and elevate your online retail experience.

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