Applying the OnePage Theme

Designed for COD (cash on delivery) markets, the OnePage theme reaches across various regions, including the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Its versatility accommodates different industries such as clothing, accessories, beauty products, jewelry, electronics, toys, and health and sports gear.

The OnePage theme introduces a fresh idea by integrating the product description and checkout steps onto one page. This layout allows customers to view products, select their favorites, input shipping details, and quickly complete orders, all within one streamlined process. This design enhances convenience, making shopping more enjoyable and potentially increasing successful COD sales.

OnePage also offers an RTL (right-to-left) mode, helping you adapt your store to different cultural preferences in various regions.

Beyond functionality, OnePage opens doors to creativity. With options to select your preferred design, layout, and customization of product display and image-text cards, you can shape your store in a way that reflects your unique personal style.


Important info about using apps with OnePage

  • The theme allows customers to complete the order at the product page. So, Apps like Discount with purchase and Bundle sales are not applicable.
  • To help your customers stay focused on buying products, the theme only supports the Buy Now option and does not include the Add to Cart feature or shopping cart. We kindly recommend refraining from using any Apps or customizations related to 'Add to Cart' and 'Shopping Cart' as they may cause unexpected issues with the theme settings.
  • We feel sorry that you can't add Size chart App and Product Recommendation App in OnePage at present, but we promise to ensure you to do so in subsequent upgrades.


Experience the OnePage theme in action and explore its features through the live preview. Click the link below to get started:One Page Theme Preview  

How to set the OnePage Theme

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Online store > Themes > Free themes, search for OnePage and click Add to put the theme OnePage to Theme library.

2. Click Customize to manage your own settings.

3. Click Save draft or directly Publish the theme to complete the process.


Q: I run an online store and want to try out some new products with cash on delivery (COD) on a single page. How do I do that?

A: Consider opening two stores. One should remain as your main online store, while the other could be a COD single-page store to test new products.

Q: I've been using the OnePage theme for COD sales on a single page, but now I want to go back to having a shopping cart. How do I do that?

A: Since the OnePage theme is designed without a shopping cart feature, you'll need to switch to a different theme that includes a shopping cart if you want that functionality back.

Q: I'm using the OnePage theme with COD on a single product page. Can I add online payment methods to the checkout?

A: Yes, you can add online payment methods to the checkout with the OnePage theme.

Q: The preview doesn't show a spot for coupon codes. Can I still use them?

A: Yes, you can! You'll need to set up coupon codes yourself, but they are supported.

Q: How does this feature stack up against other competitors?

A: You can refer to the table below:

  Shoplazza Shopline Shopify
Is this feature available?
Can you create a single product page (single product landing)?
Does it support COD and Online payment? COD only
Dedicated theme for single product landing page?
Can you create mixed themes?
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