Adding an Image Slideshow Section to Your Store Theme

An effective way to achieve a clean, focused look is by utilizing minimalistic settings that highlight your products. The Image slideshow section is an excellent tool for crafting a straightforward yet visually appealing interface. This feature enables you to showcase images in a full-screen format, omitting distracting text and buttons, making it ideal for a streamlined look. Utilizing the Image slideshow section is particularly beneficial when:

  • You aim to create a dedicated space for image display, free from other distracting elements.
  • Your goal is to build an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic for your store.

This guide will walk you through the process of adding an Image slideshow section to your store theme, enhancing its visual appeal.

Adding an Image slideshow section

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Themes, click Customize next to the target theme.

2. Click Add section to see more available sections for this theme.

3. Under Additional sections, select the Image slideshow section to customize your configurations.

4. Click and drag the sections using the drag and drop icon to reposition them as needed.

Setting up your Image slideshow section

Customizing the style of the section

In the Image slideshow section, you can adjust features like:

  • Full page width: This removes gaps between the background and sections, creating a seamless look.

  • Auto-change slides: Activate this to have slides rotate automatically, with timing control via a slider tool.

  • Image edges: Modify the shape of your image edges with two additional layout choices.

Editing the blocks of the section

Customize each slide in the main editing menu, where you can add up to five images.

  • Linking your images

In the Image link section, link your images to collections or direct them to different pages based on your preferences.

  • Image settings

Further refine your image properties. For mobile previews, use the preview icon in the top right corner.

By integrating the Image slideshow section into your storefront, you not only enhance its visual appeal but also create a dynamic element that engages visitors. This feature helps in retaining customer interest, fostering a more interactive and visually stimulating shopping experience.

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